Rehab Grand Rounds Fall 2017 Rehab Grand Rounds Fall 2017

Rehab Grand Rounds Fall 2017

AR is a 31-year-old male without significant past medical history who sustained a left ankle injury while performing vertical jumps during a workout. He developed left posterior tibial tendinitis that failed conservative treatment. He underwent elective left posterior tibial tendon repair with excision of an accessory bone and was non-weight-bearing for six weeks. Postoperatively, he complained of worsening foot pain that resulted in multiple emergency department visits. A workup included an x-ray of the left foot that demonstrated diffuse osteopenia and demineralization; left lower extremity arterial Doppler that demonstrated patent vessels; and an MRI of the lumbar spine that demonstrated no significant central or foraminal stenosis.

Publish Date: 08/21/2017
Total Viewing Time: 30min

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