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UPMC’s neurosurgery team serves as a national and international resource for patients seeking the latest treatments for complex brain, skull base, and spine disorders. Within our department, a number of minimally invasive techniques have been pioneered and refined, offering new hope to patients with complex neurosurgical disorders.

The vast experience of the neurosurgical team includes:

  • 11,000 neurosurgical procedures each year
  • 20,000 patients treated for cranial nerve disorders
  • 10,000 Gamma Knife® radiosurgery procedures
  • 1,500 minimally invasive brain surgeries using the endoscopic endonasal approach
  • World’s largest experience in spine radiosurgery

In addition, the UPMC Department of Neurological Surgery ranked first in academic output in top-tier specialty journals among all neurosurgery departments across North America, according to a study published in the September 2010 issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery.

High Definition Fiber Tracking: UPMC neurosurgeons are at the leading edge of three-dimensional brain imaging, using High Definition Fiber Tracking for neurosurgical planning and OR guidance in collaboration with researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. Fiber Tracking allows UPMC’s neurosurgeons to plan the most effective and least damaging pathways for brain tumor excision. In addition, researchers are studying ways to localize fiber breaks caused by traumatic brain injuries to provide better diagnoses and prognoses.