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Environmental Kidney Health Symposium

June 5, 2023

The Environmental Kidney Health Symposium will be held on June 5 from 12:30 – 6 PM at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, Room 1146 (130 DeSoto St).

This event brings together scholars in translational kidney development and disease including population-based, computational, organoid, cell culture as well as animal model (zebrafish and mouse) expertise. 

Speakers include scientists from across the career spectrum as well as visiting speakers from NIOSH, Duke University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

UPMC Children’s Division of Pediatric Nephrology faculty will present during the symposium, including division chief Jacqueline Ho, MD, MS, who will lecture on the topic of in utero exposure to maternal diabetes impacts kidney development and function; and division researcher, Sunder Sims-Lucas, PhD, will discuss Trimming the Fat to Counter Kidney Injury - Mouse.

Registration is required as the event is in-person only; a detailed agenda and meeting booklet will be emailed to participants.

Please contact Alison Sanders ( with questions.