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UPMC Children’s Pediatric Nephrology Division at ASN 2023 Kidney Week

November 1-5, 2023


Connect with us at the American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week 2023 in Philadelphia, Pa, November 1-5. Our faculty are attending this year’s conference and presenting their latest research abstracts and posters.

We hope to see our colleagues, alumni and friends at this year’s event.

Below is an overview of our faculty participation at the conference.


Sessions and Speakers

Maternal and Environmental Factors: Effects on Kidney Formation and Function

Moderator: Sunder Sims-Lucas, PhD

November 4. 2-4 PM. Room 105, Pennsylvania Convention Center


Abstracts and Posters

Poster Session: Genetic Diseases: Tubulopathies (PO1202-2)

November 3. 10AM-12PM

Poster #FR-PO620

Presenters: Rannar Airik, PhD; Merlin Airik, PhD


Poster Session: Development, Organoids, Vascularized Kidneys, Nephrons, and More (PO0600)

November 4. 10AM – 12PM

Poster #SA-P0340

Title: miR-17/-20a Alleviates Renal Interstitial Fibrosis by Repressing Frmd6 Expression in Renal Epithelia

Presenter: Debora Malta Cerqueira, PhD