UPMC Children's at the AASLD 2023 Liver Meeting

November 10-14, 2023

Connect with us at the AASLD Liver Meeting, November 10-14 in Boston, Massachusetts. Our faculty and fellows will be lecturing and presenting research abstracts on a number of important topics in pediatric hepatology.

Below is a listing of our faculty participation at this year’s event. We hope to see our friends and colleagues at this year’s conference and invite you to get in touch with us at the event.

Full details of the lecture days/times are available on the conference website program.

Posters and Poster Presentations

  • Simon Horslen, MD: Maralixibat Leads to Significant Improvements in Cholestatic Pruritus for Children with Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis Without a Genetic Diagnosis: Data from the March-PFIC Trial.
  • Simon Horslen, MD: Management of Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage in Biliary Atresia – Recommendations vs Clinical Practice.

Plenary Session Presentation

  • James Squires, MD: Modelling Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis Type 1 using Patient-specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

Oral Presentations

  • Simon Horslen, MD: Ciliary and Cell Structure Gene Variants Contribute to the Etiopathogenesis of Biliary Atresia (BA): Exome and SNP Array Analysis of >1700 North American Children with BA.


  • Abstract Title: Utilizing a learning health network model for Autoimmune Hepatitis
    • Presenter: Amy Taylor
    • Senior Author: James Squires


  • Abstract Title: Surgical Biliary Diversion is Associated with an Increased Risk of Liver Transplantation or Death in Alagille Syndrome
    • Presenter: Shannon Vandriel
    • Co-author: James Squires, MD
    • Presentation Date and Time:Sunday, November 12 at 9:45 AM EST
    • Presentation Location: Transplant Surgery Plenary - Auditorium (Hynes), Hynes Convention Center
    • Award: Early Career Investigator Award in Clinical/Translational Science


  • Abstract Title: Serum Bile Acids are Associated with Native Liver Survival in Patients with Alagille Syndrome: Results from The GALA Study Group
    • Presenter: Carla Fiorella Murillo Perez
    • Co-author: James Squires, MD
    • Presentation Date and Time:Sunday, November 12 at 3:00 PM EST
    • Presentation Location: Pediatric Hepatology (Clinical) - Room 304/306 (Hynes), Hynes Convention Center

    Speaking Session

    • Session: Pediatric Liver Transplantation and the Role of Living Donation
    • Date and Time: Sunday November 12th 8:30-10 AM EST
    • Moderator: James Squires, MD
  • Invited Talk: Pediatric Liver Transplantation – an Overview
    • Date and Time: Sunday November 12th 8:30-10 AM EST
    • Speaker: James Squires, MD