Sports Ultrasound Advances at UPMC

January 30, 2020

Sports Ultrasound Making Waves in Musculoskeletal Care

The use of ultrasound imaging in sports medicine is on the rise, and Kentaro Onishi, DO, is one of the earlier adopters and proponents for the expansion of its use in the clinic. He continues to train in the area, and with the Sports Ultrasound Summit and lectures at national conferences such as AAPM&R, is active in educational activities with both physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and orthopaedic surgeons. 

Kentaro Onishi, DO

Kentaro Onishi, DO

Dr. Onishi recently completed a traveling fellowship to Japan through the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. He was one of three fellows selected to participate in the program to share research and explore common clinical interests among sports medicine leaders. Dr. Onishi noted, “I was told about 80% of orthopaedic surgeons in Japan use ultrasound in the clinic. I believe numbers are increasing in America, but I do not believe it is currently at 80%.”

One of the hospitals Dr. Onishi visited keeps anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery patients for four weeks to provide intensive rehabilitation. “Doctors we met would keep athletes until they are able to demonstrate a certain level of cardiovascular fitness. The hypothesis is poor cardio--vascular fitness results in heightened risk of ACL re-injury,” says Dr. Onishi.

Save the Date: Sports Ultrasound Summit 2020

On June 11–13, 2020, UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will host a Sports Ultrasound Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Conference faculty hail from the United States, Japan, Italy, Canada, and Chinese Taipei. Kentaro Onishi, DO, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, is the course director for the conference. “This is truly one of a kind, a dream team of sports ultrasound,” says Dr. Onishi. There is an optional preconference lecture available for all participants covering basic knowledge for those who are new to sports ultrasound. 

Learn more about the event and register here.