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Shaohua Pi, PhD, Joins Department of Ophthalmology

February 14, 2022

The University of Pittsburgh Department of Ophthalmology welcomed Shaohua Pi, PhD, as assistant professor of ophthalmology on February 1. Dr. Pi holds a bachelor’s degree in Material Science and doctorate in Optics/Optical Science, Optic Fiber Sensor Design, and Signal Processing from Fudan University in Shanghai. 

Dr. Pi’s research centers on optical coherence tomography (OCT), a type of non-invasive imaging procedure that uses light instead of sound or radio frequency to produce high-resolution, three-dimensional images. He has a particular interest in visible-light OCT, an emerging modality that uses visible light illumination instead of near-infrared light, as well as OCT angiography and retinal oxygenation and metabolism. Prior to joining Pitt, he served as a postdoctoral researcher at Oregon Health & Science University, Casey Eye Institute.