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UPMC Physicians and Researchers Present at the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions

March 19, 2019

UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh will be well-represented at the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions, held April 3-6 in Orlando, FL. Physicians and researchers will join colleagues from around the world to discuss the treatment of advanced heart and lung disease. ISHLT content includes a comprehensive review of research, including late-breaking advances, dedicated to advanced heart and lung disease, transplantation, mechanical support, and related innovative therapies.

UPMC physicians and researchers will be in attendance and will be well-represented with presentations, poster sessions, and plenary sessions. Some of these sessions include:

Wednesday, April 3 

9:10 AM Expert Interactive Discussant for Clinical Outcomes by Intended Goal of Therapy in the MOMENTUM 3 Clinical Trial: Final Analysis of the 1028 Patient Full Cohort
Presented By: Robert Kormos, MD 

SESSION 01 - ORAL: The Next Frontier for Thoracic Transplantation: Diagnostics and Therapies
12:00 PM (11) Triptolide Attenuates Graft Inflammation During Ex Vivo Lung Perfusio
Presented By: S. Burki, K. Noda, B. Philips, P. G. Sanchez, A. Kumar, J. D'Cunha  

SESSION 03 - ORAL: Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction: Anything New?
12:00 PM (18) Increased Hazard of Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction in the Presence of Persistent and Complement Fixing Donor-Specific Antibodies
Presented by: C. J. Iasella, C. R. Ensor, M. Marrari, M. Mangiola, C. A. Moore, M. R. Morrell, J. M. Pilewski, J. D'Cunha, P. Sanchez, J. F. McDyer, A. Zeevi 


11:15 AM (29) Anti-Coagulation Management in Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device: A Quality Improvement Target
Presented by: C. Vander Pluym, M. O'Connor, A. Lorts, M. Ploutz, D. Peng, S. Law, M. Zinn, R. Niebler, D. Rosenthal, J. Conway, S. Auerbach, D. Sutcliffe, M. Mehegan
11:45 AM (31) Hospital Readmission Following Pediatric Heart Transplantation 
Presented by: W. T. Mahle, K. Mason, A. Dipchand, M. Richmond, C. Canter, D. Hsu, T. P. Singh, R. Shaddy, B. Armstrong, A. Zeevi, D. Ikle, H. Diop, J. Odim, S. Webber

SESSION 11 - ORAL: Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction: Overcoming the Hurdle?
2:45 PM (48) Airway Transcriptome Analysis and Immune Proteome Profiling of the Lung Allograft Reveals Novel Immune Signatures in Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction
Presented by: C. J. Iasella, A. Hoji, Y. Zhang, W. Xu, K. Chen, M. Brown, E. Lendermon, B. A. Johnson, S. Kilaru, M. R. Morrell, J. M. Pilewski, J. F. McDyer 

SESSION 16 - ORAL: Junior Faculty and Trainees Clinical Case Dilemmas: The Best of the Best
4:37 PM Expert Discussant for The Utility of CardioMEMS Implantable Hemodynamic Monitoring Device in Heartware HVAD Patient with Recurrent Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Presented by: Robert L. Kormos, MD 

MINI ORAL 01 - Deciphering the Role of Antibodies and Inflammation in Thoracic Rejection
7:10 PM (368) Persisting Donor Alveolar Macrophages Have Increased Expression of Scavenger Receptor CD206 Compared to Graft-Infiltrating Recipient-Derived Macrophages Following Lung Transplantation
Presented by: M. E. Snyder, S. P. Weisberg, T. Connors, L. Benvenuto, L. Shah, H. J. Robbins, J. L. Hook, F. D'Ovidio, J. Sonett, S. Arcasoy, D. L. Farber

MINI ORAL 06 – Pediatrics
6:55 PM (425) Retransplantation: An Underutilized Resource or Only for a Select Few?
Presented by: M. Vazquez Alvarez, E. Pruitt, D. Nandi, M. S. Kemna, S. Urschel, S. C. West, K. Y. Lin, H. M. Lim, T. Allain-Rooney, A. I. Dipchand

Thursday, April 4

SUNRISE 06 - SYMPOSIUM: Making Deals with the Devil: Substances of Abuse from Pre- to Post-Transplant
7:40 AM How Much is Too Much? Alcohol Use and Cessation Pre- and Post-Transplant 
Presented by: Mary Amanda Dew, PhD

SESSION 25 - SYMPOSIUM: The Magic Kingdom of the Bronchoscopy: Pathogens with Real Implications and Those to Disregard
8:40 AM ‘Off Main Street’: Atypical Mycobacteria - What, When and How to Manage
Presented by: Fernanda Silveira, MD 

SESSION 34 - ORAL: Never Mind the Leaks: Addressing Valvular Disease with LVADs
10:45 AM (151) Impact of Pre-Op Mitral Regurgitation Following Left Ventricular Assist Device Implant
Presented by: G. N. Coyan, B. Pierce, Z. Rhinehart, F. Thoma, W. Katz, A. Kilic, R. Kormos, C. M. Sciortino 

SESSION 46 - SYMPOSIUM: FUN and Games with FUNgal Infections in Lung Transplantation
5:15 PM Are We in TROUBLE? Emergence of Azole-Resistant Molds
Presented by: Minh-Hong Nguyen, MD 

MINI ORAL 10A - Nursing, Health Sciences, Allied Health
6:35 PM (472) Lung Transplant Clinicians’ Perceptions of Pocket PATH Synergy, an Interactive Health Technology (IHT) to Monitor Patients Remotely
Presented by: A. J. Devito Dabbs, T. Irizarry, M. Alrawashdeh, J. M. Pilewski, M. Morrell2, J. D'Cunha, M. Dew 

MINI ORAL 12A - Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Transplantation 
6:00 PM (489) Demographic, Hemodynamic, and HRQL Differences between Methamphetamine-Associated and Idiopathic PAH: The Pulmonary Hypertension Association Registry
Presented by: N. A. Kolaitis, R. T. Zamanian, V. A. de Jesus Perez, D. B. Badesch, R. L. Benza, C. D. Burger, M. M. Chakinala, J. Feldman, M. R. Lammi, S. C. Mathai, K. W. Presberg, J. C. Robinson, J. S. Sager, O. A. Shlobin, M. A. Simon, S. M. Kawut, J. P. Singer, T. De Marco 

6:20 PM (1228) Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Treated with ABI-009, nab-Sirolimus, an mTOR Inhibitor
Presented by: M. Simon, M. Gomberg-Maitland, R. J. Oudiz, R. Machado, F. Rischard, J. M. Elinoff, B. Grigorian, A. N. Schmid, S. Hou, N. Desai, M. Gladwin 

6:40 PM (497) The Effects of Inhaled Sodium Nitrite on Pulmonary Vascular Impedance in Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension Associated with HFpEF
Presented by: M. J. Bashline, T. N. Bachman, N. L. Helbling, M. T. Gladwin, M. A. Simon 


Friday, April 5

8:35 AM Expert Interactive Discussant for Safety and Efficacy of Bacteriophage Therapy in Lung Transplant Candidates and Recipients
Presented by: Fernanda Silveira, MD 

SESSION 55 - ORAL: Score Now - Or Forever Hold Your Peace: Prediction and Risk in MCS
10:30 AM (238) Sequential Chains of Adverse Events Post LVAD Implantation
Presented by: F. Movahedi, R. L. Kormos, L. Lohmueller, L. Seese, M. Kanwar, S. Murali, Y. Zhang, R. Padman, J. F. Antaki 

SESSION 56 - JOINT ISHLT/IPTA SYMPOSIUM: EBV and CMV are Not as Easy as 1-2-3 When Caring for Pediatric Thoracic Transplant Recipients
10:45 AM EBV Prevention in Pediatrics: Fantasy or Reality? 
Presented by: Michael Green, MD, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

SESSION 69 - ORAL: Tricks of the Trade: Management Considerations with Continuous Flow LVADs
5:00 PM (290) Post-Implant Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitor Use is Associated with Increased Rates of Late Right Heart Failure after LVAD: An INTERMACS Analysis 
Presented by: E. Grandin, G. Gulati, K. Kennedy, F. Cabezas, E. Y. Birati, J. Rame, P. Atluri, F. D. Pagani, J. K. Kirklin, D. C. Naftel, R. L. Kormos, J. Teuteberg, M. Kiernan

MINI ORAL 13 - Cardiac Donors and Recipients: Valuable Insights
7:05 PM (511) Change in Health-Related Quality of Life from Before to Early after Surgery: Findings from the Sustaining Quality of Life of the Aged: Transplant or Mechanical Support (SUSTAIN-IT) Study
Presented by: K. L. Grady, A. Kao, M. Dew, R. Kormos, A. Andrei, H. Adam, Y. Xu, D. Pham, L. Pollan, C. Yancy, E. Hsich, W. Cotts, S. LaRue, M. Petty, S. V. Pamboukian, F. Pagani, B. Lampert, M. Johnson, M. Murray, K. Tekeda, M. Yuzefpolskaya, S. Silvestry, J. Kirklin, S. Collum, J. Spertus

MINI ORAL 17 - LVAD Physiology: Effects on End Organs
6:20 PM (562) CCR5 Expression is Lower in Women, and Mediates Sex-Based Differences in Post-LVAD Right Ventricular Failure
Presented by: A. Nayak, A. A. Morris, C. M. Sciortino, C. Neill, R. L. Kormos, C. McTiernan, J. Larsen, T. N. Bachman, K. Hanley-Yanez, D. M. McNamara, M. A. Simon

Saturday, April 6 

SUNRISE 15 - SYMPOSIUM: Lung Transplant Candidate Selection: Challenging Cases
7:30 AM So Many Antibodies...
Presented by: Adriana Zeevi, MD 

SESSION 81 - ORAL: Primary Graft Dysfunction and Acute Lung Rejection

1:45 PM (342) Risk Factors for Primary Graft Dysfunction in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Receiving Lung Transplants
Presented by: J. A. Martin, M. K. Porteous, E. Cantu, D. J. Lederer, L. Snyder, A. Weinacker, J. B. Orens, P. D. Shah, V. N. Lama, J. McDyer, K. M. Wille, C. A. Hage, J. Singer, L. B. Ware, M. Oyster, M. Brown, J. D. Christie, J. M. Diamond