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Adenomatoid Tumor of the Testis: A Rare Case Report

March 22, 2022

A report recently published in Urology Case Reports to discuss adenomatoid tumors was authored by urology experts, including UPMC Department of Urology physician Amit Bhattu, MD.

Adenomatoid tumors (AT) are benign tumors commonly found in paratesticular tissues, accounting for approximately 32 percent of the paratesticular masses. However, intratesticular AT are rare, with approximately 14 cases being reported to date.

Clinically and radiologically, the AT of the testis imitates the malignant neoplasia of the testis.

This report presented a case of the intratesticular AT.

AT involving testicular parenchyma is a rare benign tumor of the testis. It is challenging to clinically distinguish the AT of testis from malignant neoplasia of testis due to identical clinical and radiological parameters. Hence, most patients have been diagnosed post radical orchiectomy on pathological evaluation.

Read more about this study on PubMed.

Other study authors include Gabriela Quiroga-Garza, MD, and Rayan Rammal, MD.