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UPMC PM&R Faculty, Residents, and Fellows Presented at the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) 2024 Annual Meeting

March 29, 2024

UPMC Rehabilitation Institute and the University of Pittsburgh Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation were well-represented at the 2024 Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) Annual Meeting, which took place February 20-24 in Orlando, with more than 20 presentations by faculty, residents, and fellows.

Physiatry '24 was AAP’s largest meeting yet, with over 1,700 attendees. The field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’s top physicians and trainees from across the U.S. came together over the five days for lively discussions, collaborations, education, new ideas, and advancements in Physiatry.

Learn more about UPMC’s contributions to the meeting:

Faculty Presentations

Michael Munin, MD

Spasticity Master Course Workshop - Advanced Ultrasound-guided Interventions for Chemodenervation

Allison Bean, MD, PhD, and Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD

Being Better Allies to Women

Amanda Harrington, MD

Don’t Fear the Peer: Strategies to Win Peer-to-Peer Conversations            

Karen Barr, MD, and Brendan McNeish, MD

You May Be a Researcher: Finding a Career Path That Fits             

Michael Munin, MD, and Allison Bean, MD, PhD

Strategies for Success: Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity in Academic Physiatry           

Allison Bean, MD, PhD, and Brendan McNeish, MD

RMSTP Scientific Poster Presentations    

Karen Barr, MD, and Wendy Helkowski, MD, along with residents Kristen Milleville, MD, and Michelle Eventov, MD

Residents Lead the Way: Leadership Case Studies from Idea to Implementation              

Resident/Fellow Posters

Roshawn Brown, MD

Metformin Improves Wounded Tendon Healing by Enhancing AMPK Activation and Decreasing Cell Migration

Jean-Luc Banks, MD

Prevalence of Deadnaming and Misgendering in the Electronic Medical Record of Transgender Patients Receiving Care at a North Carolina Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital  

Jean-Luc Banks, MD

Role of Interdisciplinary Care after Resection of Clival Chordoma

Clayton Bunting, DO

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? Toxidrome Due to Illicitly Acquired Anabolic Steroids

Haylie Kromer, DO, Kristen Milleville, MD, and Ella D'Amico, MD, along with faculty member Karen Barr, MD

A Match Made in Residencey:  A Cross Sectional Survey of a Successful Speed Mentoring Intervention for Residents        

Kylie Johnson, MD

Design and Fabrication of a Novel Transfemoral Prosthetic Adaptation for the Para-equestrian       

Philip Stephens, DO, and Robin Tipps, MD

Recurrent Subtalar Cyst Presenting as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Lateral Plantar Neuritis

Deklerk Ngankam, MD

Implementing Traumatic Brain Injury Mini Didactics on a Busy Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit: Preliminary Results 

Deklerk Ngankam, MD

Vertigo As a Primary Presentation of Occipital Neuralgia and Resolution After Lesser Occipital Nerve Block            

Elizabeth Runge, MD, PhD

A Case of Pickleball-Associated Pan-Plexopathy  

Elizabeth Runge, MD, PhD

Therapy Modifications to Promote Activity Tolerance in a Patient with Subclavian Steal Syndrome: A Case Report

Michael Glicksman, MD

Progressive Lower Extremity Paresis Secondary to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in a Patient with a History of Multiple Sclerosis 

Philip Stephens, DO

A Pain in the Perineum! Chronic Pelvic Floor Pain Resolved with Bilateral Pudendal Nerve Blocks  

Kristen Milleville, MD

Improving Disability Education for Medical Students Through a Disability Justice Elective 

George Raum, DO, and Michael Glicksman, MD

A Novel Multifaceted Education and Exercise to Address Low Back Pain in Adolescent Rowers: Preliminary Findings

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