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The Role of Sleep in Teenagers; New Episode of "Psychiatry Advances"

May 6, 2020

Join UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital, a national leader in innovative treatment of mental health and addictive disorders, for a new, monthly podcast series — Psychiatry Advances.

With host Loren Roth, MD, MPH, psychiatric, psychological, nursing, and rehabilitative professionals are invited to discover innovative research and patient-centered programs at the cutting edge of psychiatry and behavioral health sciences. Dr. Roth is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry. He continues to actively teach and work at UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital. He is also the former Chief Medical Officer of UPMC and the previous associate senior vice chancellor for Clinical Policy and Planning, Health Sciences, at the University of Pittsburgh.

Peter Franzen PhD, is associate director for education of the University of Pittsburgh Sleep and Chronobiology Center. This episode discusses teenagers shortened sleep during critical high school years, when teenagers must attend school at early times. These sleep changes affect teenager reactivity, emotion, stress, pleasure, cognition, and substance use. Consequent to sleep research findings this episode also discusses controversial school based interventions to prevent negative outcomes.

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