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UPMC Children’s Nephrology Division at ASN Kidney Week 2022

October 25, 2022

At this year’s American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Division of Pediatric Nephrology faculty will lecture and present research abstracts on a range of exciting new investigations.

Below is a summary of activities our faculty will be involved with. We look forward meeting new colleagues and catching up with friends, collaborators, and our alumni.

Lectures and Presentations

Sunder Sims-Lucas, PhD

Manipulating Fatty Acid Oxidation to Protect Against AKI

Basic/Clinical Science Session: AKI: Old and New Players

November 06, 2022, 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Of Note: Four undergraduate students who participated in the 2022 University of Pittsburgh Summer Research Internship Program Kidney Workshop (SRIP-Kid), an R25 NIH-funded workshop led by Dr. Sims-Lucas and Division Chief Jacqueline Ho, MD, MS, that gives students first hand experience conducting kidney-related research coupled with didactic lessons on kidney formation, physiology, and disease processes, will travel with him to Kidney Week 2022 to be immersed in the latest nephrology research and clinical work that will be presented at this year’s conference. Learn more about the innovative SRIP-Kid program here.

Research Abstracts and Poster Presentations

Below are the research abstracts that Division faculty, fellows, and collaborators are presenting at 2022 Kidney Week. Presenting authors are in bold.

Title: Succinylation of Park 7 Activates a Protective Metabolic Response to AKI
Authors: Katherine Pfister; Anne C. Silva Barbosa; Takuto Chiba; Eric S. Goetzman; Sunder Sims-Lucas

Title: Karyomegalic Interstitial Nephritis Is Triggered by Oxidative Stress Caused by Mitochondrial Deficiency in FAN1-Deficient Proximal Tubule Cells
Authors: Merlin Airik; Amy B. Huynh; Eric S. Goetzman; Rannar Airik

Title: Injury-Induced DNA Re-Replication Leads to Tubular Cell Polyploidization in FAN1-deficient Kidneys
Authors: Merlin Airik; Amy B. Huynh; Rannar Airik

Title: In Utero Exposure to Maternal Diabetes Reprograms Nephron Formation and Predisposes to Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disase
Authors: Debora Malta C.S. Santos; Takuto Chiba; Ariane Bruder do Nascimento; Andrew S. Clugston; Maliha Tayeb; Andrew J. Bodnar; Dennis Kostka; Thiago Bruder do Nascimento; Sunder Sims-Lucas; Jacqueline Ho.

Title: Dicarboxylic Acid Supplementation Protects Mice From AKI Via Increased Renal Peroxisomal Activity
Authors: Anne C. S. Barbosa, Katherine Pfister; Takuto Chiba; Victoria Young; Bob Zhang; Birgit Schilling; Eric S. Goetzman; Sunder Sims-Lucas

Title: Deficiency of Long-Chain acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase (LCAD) Protects Against AKI
Authors: Takuto Chiba; Eric S. Goetzman; Sunder Sims-Lucas