UPMC Children’s Urology APP Alyssa Messina, CRNP, Helps to Lead Educational Efforts With Pediatric Urology Nurses & Specialists (PUNS) National Organization

November 21, 2022

UPMC Children’s Division of Pediatric Urology supports a wide range of medical training and educational programs for providers, both at home and within national organizations and groups.

Advanced practice provider, Alyssa Messina, CRNP, the Division’s APP supervisor, leads a special interest group within the Pediatric Urology Nurses and Specialists (PUNS), a national organization that works to improve urologic care for pediatric patients through educational offerings, research collaboration, and evidence-based clinical practice.

Ms. Messina’s special interest group, co-led by Sarah Hendrickson, PA, from WakeMed in Raleigh, North Carolina, is focused on education and continued learning for pediatric urology nurse practitioners and other advanced practice providers.

“We develop and coordinate a monthly lecture series that PUNS members can attend virtually,” says Ms. Messina. “The topics range from specific pediatric urologic diagnoses and their implications and management strategies, to discussions and learning around therapeutic advances and the ongoing evolution of care.”

PUNS Annual Meeting

Ms. Messina attended the 2022 PUNS annual meeting, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada October 19-20, 2022. She presented a lecture on the topic of erectile dysfunction in the pediatric population.

“I would encourage providers and other pediatric urologic practices to learn more about PUNS and the ongoing work happening within the organization,” says Ms. Messina.

More About Alyssa Messina, CRNP

Alyssa C. Messina, CRNP, joined the Division of Pediatric Urology at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in November 2020. Prior to joining the Division, she practiced in the pediatric urology division at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia after completing her nurse practitioner training at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Messina specializes in and runs a dysfunctional voiding clinic in the Division treating patients for a wide range dysfunctional voiding issues and conditions in children and adolescents. Her research interests and past work have involved studies in disorders of sexual development, genitoplasty, and the use of elastography in pediatric urology studies of varicocele.

Ms. Messina’s serves as the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) supervisor for the Division, overseeing the clinical work of three mid-level providers and three nurses.