Morgan Fedorchak, PhD, Receives the Emerging Innovator Award from the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute

December 2, 2019

University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute presented UPMC Eye Center’s Morgan Fedorchak, PhD, the Emerging Innovator Award at their 14th Annual Celebration of Innovation. 

Dr. Morgan Fedorchak is an assistant professor of Ophthalmology, Bioengineering, and Clinical & Translational Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and the UPMC Department of Ophthalmology with a research focus in drug delivery to the eye and the development of novel biomaterials for ophthalmic applications.

In her lab’s first four years, it has demonstrated an intense focus on translational science and has launched two projects on a commercialization pathway, with more on the way. In that short amount of time, she has hit “Innovation Institute Bingo,” as she calls it, referring to the range of educational programming and funding opportunities she has taken advantage of to move her innovations from the lab towards the market. These include the First Gear commercialization program, the Michael G. Wells Competition, and Chancellor’s Innovation Commercialization Funds, as well as consulting regularly with licensing managers and entrepreneurs in residence.