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UPMC Physician Journal: Episode 102

This episode spotlights the clinical innovations revolutionizing immune therapy and regenerative medicine, and the exceptional research discovering what helps children thrive.

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Note: Chapter 3 has been deprecated.

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Chapter 1. Introducing the Health Services Leadership Team (7:05)

Meet the new Health Services leadership team members and learn about their individual goals and roles.

Chapter 2. Immune Therapy Using Adoptive Cell Transfer (11:18)

Learn how Udai Kammula, MD, from UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, is personalizing immune therapy through adoptive cell transfer. In this clinical trial, up to 100 billion T-cells are grown outside the body then infused into the patient — with great success.

Chapter 4. The Pittsburgh Study Follows 25K Children (6:59)

Dr. Liz Miller, discusses the ambitious Pittsburgh Study. This collective impact study is engaging hundreds of community partners to explore inequalities — and find successful models that help children thrive.

Chapter 5. Q & A with Leslie Davis and Donald Yealy, MD (11:22)

Hear answers to some of your most pressing questions about UPMC's commitment to supporting physicians and plans for the future.