Houman Homayoun MD
  • Houman Homayoun, MD

    Houman Homayoun, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology

Houman Homayoun, MD

Houman Homayoun, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology


Houman Homayoun, MD, is a movement disorder neurologist who joined the Department of Neurology in July 2012, as an assistant professor.

Dr. Homayoun specializes in clinical assessment and management of patients with various movement disorders including hypokinetic movement disorders, such as Parkinson disease, Parkinson plus syndromes, and other atypical forms of Parkinsonism, as well as hyperkinetic movement disorders, such as dystonias, essential tremor, myoclonus, tic disorder and Tourette syndrome, ataxic disorders, and chorea. He is especially interested in neurological application of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in patients with movement disorders and participates in pre-surgical selection and post-surgical programming of patients who undergo DBS surgery. Dr. Homayoun is also interested in treatment of movement disorders affecting face, neck and limb with botulinum toxin under EMG guidance.

Dr. Homayoun received his MD from University of Tehran. He completed post-doctoral research fellowships in neuroscience at Yale University and University of Pittsburgh before starting his neurology residency at department of neurology at UPMC. He obtained a clinical fellowship in movement disorders from Rush University in Chicago, and in 2012 returned to Pittsburgh to join the movement disorders division of UPMC neurology department as faculty.

Dr. Homayoun's publications can be reviewed through the National Library of Medicine's publication database.