Margarita Zuley MD
  • Margarita Zuley, MD

    Associate Professor

Margarita Zuley, MD

Associate Professor

Medical/Graduate School University of Pittsburgh




University of Pittsburgh

Clinical/Post-doctoral Fellowship Womens Imaging, University of Pittsburgh
& Programs
Digital Imaging
Clinical Interest Breast Imaging 

Breast Tomosynthesis 

Cone Beam Imaging

Women's Imaging

emerging imaging technologies 

Research Interest Breast Tomosynthesis 

Cone Beam Imaging 

Womens Imaging 

Selected Publications   Zheng B, Zuley M, Sumkin JH, Catullo V, Abrams G, Rathfon G, Chough D, Gruss M, Gur D, Detection of breast abnormalities using a prototype electrical impedance spectroscopy system: a preliminary study, Medical Physics 2008 Jul;35(7):3041-3048.

Gur D, Abrams GS, Chough DM, Ganott MA, Hakim CM, Perrin RL, Rathfon GY, Sumkin JH, Zuley ML, Bandos AI. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Observer Performance Study. AJR 2009; 193:586-591.

Zuley ML, Andriy I. Bandos, Gordon S. Abrams, Cathy Cohen, Christiane M. Hakim, Jules H. Sumkin, John Drescher, Howard E. Rockette, David Gur. Time to Diagnosis and Performance Levels during Repeat Interpretations of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Preliminary Observations. Acad Radiol 2010 17(4) 450-5. Epub 2009 Dec 29. 

Gur D, Bandos AL, Rockette HE, Zuley ML, Hakim CM, Chough DM, Ganott MA, Sumkin JH. Is an ROC-type response truly always better than a binary response in observer performance studies? Acad Radiol 2010 May 17(5):639-45.

16.Hakim CM, Chough DM, Ganott MA, Sumkin JH, Zuley ML, Gur D. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis in the Diagnostic Environment: A Subjective Side by Side Review. AJR 2010; accepted for publication.

Zuley ML, Bandos AI, Abrams GS, Cohen C, Hakim CM, Sumkin JH, Drescher J, Rockette HE, Gur D. Time to diagnosis and performance levels during repeat interpretations of digital breast Tomosynthesis: preliminary observations. Acad Radiol 2010 17(4) 450-5. Epub 2009 Dec 29. 

Zuley ML. The Basic and Implementation of Digital Mammography. Radiol Clin N AM 2010;48:893-901. 

Spangler ML, Zuley ML, Sumkin JH, Abrams G, Ganott MA, Hakim C, Perrin R, Chough DM, Shah R, Gur D. Detection and classification of calcifications on digital breast Tomosynthesis and 2D digital mammography: A comparison. Am J Roentgenol;196:scheduled for February 2011. 

Gur D, Bandos AI, Rockette HE, Zuley ML, Sumkin JH, Chough DM, Hakim CM. Localized detection and classification of abnormalities on FFDM and Tomosynthesis examinations rated under an FROC paradigm. Am J Roentgenol. scheduled for March 2011.

Zheng B, Lederman D, Sumkin JH, Zuley ML, Gruss MZ, Lovy LS, Gur D. A preliminary evaluation of multi-probe resonance-frequency electrical impedance based measurements of the breast. Academic Radiology; 2011, accepted.