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UPMC Achieves Certified Treatment Center Designation for ALS

June 6, 2023

The UPMC-ALS Center, led by the Department of Neurology's Tawfiq Al-Lahham, MD, has achieved designation as a Certified Treatment Center of Excellence by the ALS Foundation. The UPMC-ALS Center provides multidisciplinary clinical care and support for patients with ALS and opportunities to participate in clinical trials, all with the goal of improving diagnosis and treatment leading to a cure. It is through a complex continuum of care and collaborations between providers, institutions, ALS Association Territories, and the ALS Association’s clinical programs that patients, families and caregivers are better prepared to address the challenges associated with living with ALS. 

Requirements of the ALS Association’s Certified Treatment Center of Excellence Program include the following major components:

  • A strong relationship with the local ALS Association partner
  • A multidisciplinary team of nursing and allied health professionals assigned to this patient population
  • A neurologist with the specific knowledge base to evaluate and treat people living with this disease
  • Active involvement in ALS-related research
  • Ongoing process improvement initiatives

The UPMC-ALS Center's commitment to the ALS community and the leadership demonstrated in providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinical care both reflects and advances the missions of both The ALS Association and UPMC-ALS Center in support of the ALS community.

Learn more about the UPMC-ALS Center here.