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Neonatal Cardiovascular Research with Thomas Diacovo, MD; New "That's Pediatrics" Podcast Episode

September 12, 2019

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has launched a new medical podcast series for physicians, scientists and other health care professionals featuring the hospital’s leading researchers and clinicians. Episodes of “That’s Pediatrics” will include compelling interviews with scientists at UPMC Children’s Hospital who are performing innovative basic, translational, and clinical research. 

Thomas Diacovo, MD, is chief of the UPMC Newborn Medicine Program and director of Neonatal Cardiovascular Research at the Heart Institute. Dr. Diacovo discusses how he became interested in Thrombosis research, his journey to Pittsburgh, and his research testing new drugs for neonatal intensive care patients, particularly those with congenital heart disease who are at high risk for forming blood clots. Dr. Diacovo also credits the parents of our patients for the success of his clinical trials.

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