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About Our Pediatric Behavioral Health Program

To achieve optimal patient and family outcomes of care for child and adolescent behavioral health patients, two world-class hospitals — UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital — work in concert to provide innovative behavioral health programs and services across the entire continuum of care and spanning all levels of acuity. 

UPMC Children’s has more than 40 integrated therapists across primary care settings in community pediatrics practices, in addition to embedded behavioral health specialists in many UPMC Children's medical specialties and clinics. UPMC Children’s inpatient services include a dedicated consulting psychiatry team from UPMC Western to address concerns of UPMC Children’s patients who are managing behavioral issues. 

UPMC Western operates multiple specialized inpatient behavioral health units exclusively for children and adolescents, typically caring for 70 pediatric inpatients daily. With its outpatient and community network, UPMC Western also operates over 30 specialized outpatient mental health programs specifically for children and adolescents. These programs are supported by hundreds of dedicated psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors with unique expertise in health care for children. 

Both UPMC Children’s and UPMC Western collaborate on education, outreach, and service delivery on-site at a variety of area school districts.