Clinical Conversations with UPMC Hillman

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center harnesses the expertise of physicians, scientists, and allied health care professionals to deliver comprehensive clinical care, conduct vital scientific research, educate the next generation of cancer experts, and engage with the communities we serve.

Our expert physician team includes medical, radiation, and surgical oncologists working collaboratively to deliver the highest-quality cancer care.Clinical Conversations with UPMC Hillman Cancer Center is a physician podcast where we showcase the latest innovations in cancer care and discuss UPMC Hillman Cancer Center's vision: to bring together compassionate care and transformative research to achieve the extraordinary – life without cancer.


Lung Cancer Program


Tim Burns, MD, PhD
Laura Stabile, PhD

Immunotherapy and Drug Development Center


Jan Beumer, PharmD, PhD, DAB
Jason Luke, MD
Lisa Villaruz, MD

Rush to Crush Cancer


Ann Regan
Julie Alexander
Maggie Sestito

A Conversation with the Chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology


Taofeek K. Owonikoko, MD, PhD

The UPMC Hillman Collaboration


Stan Marks, MD
Robert Ferris, MD, PhD

Cancer Treatment in the Network


Nishant Tageja, MD
Dhaval R. Mehta, MD

Psychiatric Care for Cancer Patients


Robin Valpey, MD

Community Outreach and Engagement


Linda B. Robertson, DPH, MSN, BSN

Cancer Research and Network Clinical Trials


Lan Coffman, MD, PhD
Terry Evans, MD

Pancreatic Robotic Surgery and Robotic Whipple Procedures


Amer Zureikat, MD