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UPMC Children’s Continues Outreach in Central PA

February 9, 2022

UPMC Children’s physicians continue to strengthen partnerships and expand the program’s impact via clinics in Central PA, including clinics for children with special needs. 

“There has been tremendous growth and commitment from pediatric transplant in our Central PA clinics. To date, our physicians have established new clinics to conduct follow-up care and work closely with our community physician partners to expand the scope of services available closer to home,” said Asad Zaman, program administrator, transplant services. 

2021 Overview

Central PA Clinic – Harrisburg, PA
The transplant and hepatology teams held three outreach clinics at UPMC Harrisburg throughout 2021 and plan to do so again in 2022. During these clinics, the focus was on seeing patients listed for transplant, those already transplanted, and any child with liver disease.  Through November 2021, the clinic was able to refer six children for liver transplant evaluation. 

Clinic For Special Children – Lancaster, PA
The Annual UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and Clinic for Special Children (CSC) clinic was held in August 2021, and the transplant and hepatology teams and ancillary staff saw 40 patients over a two-day period. CSC is a world leader in rare genetic diseases, and this partnership allows the UPMC Children’s team to help provide the liver care these patients need.

“Patients that have been referred to our program from these outreach clinics have been seen in an expedited manner, and our collaboration with their primary care physicians has only been further strengthened through ongoing communication,” said Zaman.

In addition to outreach efforts in Pennsylvania, UPMC Children’s faculty and staff continue to build relationships in Ohio and Indiana to provide vital health care services to additional children in need close to their homes. The program hopes to expand these services in New York and Maryland in the coming year.