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The Evolution of Cardiac Imaging in Pediatrics with Dr. Laura Olivieri

December 8, 2023

In the latest episode of “That’s Pediatrics” – UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s podcast about all things pediatric health and wellness – our host talks with Laura Olivieri, MD, director of Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging at UPMC Children's Hospital Pittsburgh, about how the field of cardiac imaging has changed, utilizing less invasive techniques that improve patient care, and what’s to come as the field continues to evolve.

Specifically, our experts touch on:

  • The increasing use of ultrasound, cardiac MRI, and cardiac CT in pediatric cardiology
  • The recent advancements in cardiac MRI, allowing real-time visualization without sedation or contrast for certain cases
  • The current and potential role of AI in pediatric cardiac imaging including concerns and the positive impact of AI in extending capabilities and improving patient care
  • The importance of research in advancing understanding and care for congenital heart diseases
  • The expansion of the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Heart Institute
  • And more

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