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About Our Pediatric Cardiology and Heart Surgery Program

The Heart Institute at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is a leader of cardiovascular care, with a rich history in clinical research and innovation. It offers comprehensive care to patients with congenital conditions throughout their lives, from prenatal through adulthood. As a comprehensive pediatric heart transplantation center, and a national leader in the use of pediatric heart-assist devices, the Heart Institute at Children’s continues to advance the field of cardiovascular medicine. 


The Cardiac Dynamics Research Laboratory at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Rangos Research Center has earned worldwide recognition for research in the field of congenital heart disease. Most notably, our research laboratories investigate the physiology and biomechanics of developing cardiovascular systems to better understand the structural and functional maturation of the normal heart and blood vessels, and the causes of congenital heart disease.

Pediatric Cardiology and Heart Surgery Publications from UPMC