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Comprehensive Care for Patients with Lung Disease Comprehensive Care for Patients with Lung Disease

National Experts in Lung Disease Management and Treatment

At UPMC, lung disease experts work together to diagnose and treat patients with early-onset to advanced lung conditions.

We provide your patients with a single point of care through the UPMC Lung Transplant Program and the UPMC Comprehensive Lung Center.

Expanding our Team to Impact Lung Disease Care

Caring for a patient with lung disease requires a team approach.

At UPMC, this includes:

  • Pulmonologists.
  • Lung transplant surgeons.
  • Transplant coordinators.
  • Behavioral health experts.
  • Advanced practice providers.
  • And you – the referring physician.

We partner with referring physicians to assess each patient and design personalized treatment plans.

Patients referred to our program also have access to cutting-edge clinical trials.

Lung Conditions We Treat

  • COPD.
  • Cystic fibrosis.
  • Pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Primary pulmonary hypertension.
  • Secondary pulmonary hypertension (caused by other heart or lung disease).
  • Sarcoidosis.
  • Bronchiectasis.
  • Alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency.
  • Emphysema.
  • Scleroderma. 

Experts in Lung Transplantation 

When medical management is no longer an option, we can provide a seamless transition of care to the UPMC Lung Transplant Program.

As pioneers in lung transplant, we offer advanced care for patients with severe lung disease. We also evaluate many high-risk patients, including those needing single or double lung transplants and re-transplantation.

We consider each patient referred to our program. We do not have an age restriction for lung transplants.

We will also see patients:

  • Requiring sequential bone marrow transplant
  • With high-risk systemic sclerosis/scleroderma.
  • With CF and drug-resistant infections.
  • With advanced lung disease and concomitant renal or hepatic dysfunction. We will consider those under the age of 55 on a case-by-case basis.

When to Refer Your Patient to UPMC for Lung Disease Care

If you're managing a patient with lung disease, the time to refer them to UPMC is now.

While medical management might help slow the progression of their disease, delaying advanced treatment or a lung transplant evaluation:

  • Allows more time for their lung disease to progress.
  • May cause their overall health to decline.
  • Can decrease their chances of being a suitable candidate for a lung transplant.

To refer a patient to UPMC: