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Multi-Organ Transplant at UPMC

UPMC is one of the most recognized and experienced centers in the nation for organ transplantation. Our experts at UPMC Transplant Services have been providing life-saving care to patients since the program’s inception in 1981. They have performed more than 20,000 organ transplant surgery procedures, including multi-organ transplants such as:

  • Heart-liver transplants
  • Heart-kidney transplant
  • Heart-liver-kidney transplants
  • Heart-lung transplants
  • Lung-liver transplants

As a pioneer in the field of solid-organ transplantation, our program has been consistently challenged with some of the most difficult and complex cases, including those who have been deemed high risk and were turned down for a transplant at another center.

We partner with the team at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to provide advanced treatment options to patients with congenital heart disease. Our teams closely collaborate to care for these patients in every stage of their disease progression, including those in need of a combined heart/liver transplant.

With a strong legacy in transplantation and innovation, UPMC has achieved groundbreaking milestones in the field of multi-organ transplant.

  • UPMC was the second center in the world to perform a successful heart-lung transplant.
  • UPMC was the first center in the world to perform a successful heart-liver transplant.
  • UPMC was the first center in the world to perform heart-liver-kidney transplant.
  • UPMC transplant surgeons have performed more than 20 heart-liver transplants.
  • UPMC surgeons have performed more than 2,350 lung and heart-lung transplants since the program began.

Our surgeons and specialists have drawn upon this breadth of experience to continually advance treatment techniques and patient care.

The Process

Our transplant experts at UPMC evaluate each patient referred to our program in need of a multi-organ transplant. Teams from the UPMC transplant programs collaborate to develop a cross-disciplinary approach for the patient’s care, including management strategies and treatment.

Appropriate patient and donor selection, coupled with careful collaborative surgical planning, have yielded excellent outcomes at UPMC in multi-organ transplant. Oftentimes, the organs are transplanted from the same donor to help lower the risk of rejection. The organs are transplanted during the same surgery, which requires a skilled team of surgeons with extensive experience.

UPMC’s Multi-Organ Research and Milestones

Learn more about UPMC’s innovation and milestones in the field of multi-organ transplantation:

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When you refer a patient to UPMC, our team will support them at every stage in the transplant journey. Our goal is to ensure that each patient receives world-class care that extends beyond the operating room.

To refer your patient to UPMC, or discuss your patient’s case, call 1-844-332-1650.